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Global mission. There is only one religion-religion of mankind. There is only one god-god of love. “The goal of mankind is knowledge ... Now this knowledge is inherent in man. No knowledge comes from outside: it is all inside. What we say a man 'knows', should, in strict psychological language, be what he 'discovers' or 'unveils'; what man 'learns' is really what he discovers by taking the cover off his own soul, which is a mine of infinite knowledge.”

»  Religion is the manifestation of the divinity already in man. The secret of religion lies not in theories but in practice. To be good and do good - that is the whole of religion

»  “Mankind ought to be taught that religions are but the varied expressions of THE RELIGION, which is Oneness, so that each may choose the path that suits him the best.”

»   We all will die one day but world and others will be here. Let us leave love and friendship behind us. There is only one God "GOD OF LOVE" There is only one Religion "RELIGION OF MANKIND" LOVE ALL SERVE ALL.THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD.

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